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Emily Keener is a seventeen year old singer/songwriter (from Cleveland, OH) with a thing for Paul Simon.  She plays her dad’s old acoustic guitar, and can fill a room with her unique style. Emily draws inspiration from a huge variety of artists and writers, and appreciates just about every genre of music in existence. Her eclectic interests are obvious to anyone who hears the unexpected blend of sounds and styles in her shows. A love of classic music contrasted by a fresh, unique approach to songwriting provide a solid base for her ever-growing career.

Writing is Emily’s passion, and she does it like no one else. Her songs are distinctly original, and her goal is to allow her writing style to grow and change with her. The melodies and ideas in each one are filled with depth, honesty, and beauty.

She has performed frequently for the past five years around NE Ohio. Emily has been trained by Joan Elison, a renowned performer and vocal coach (South Euclid, OH), and Tony Schaffer, master guitarist and multi-instrumentalist (Monroeville, OH). Emily started playing the guitar when she was 11 years old and began writing songs when she was almost 12. After writing for 5 years, she has over 100 original songs and has released three EPs and one LP.

“East of the Sun” is Emily’s latest record. (Higbee Studios/Waveburner Recording–March 2015) The project is entirely backed by The Womacks, a legendary group of performers and musical minds. These finely sculpted songs are rooted in tradition but experimental in delivery. Emotional lyrics and honest musicianship pay homage to The Songwriter, while filling the listener’s soul with the good vibes of Americana and Rock. 


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