Sooooo….what are y’all doing October 15th?

If you’re going to be anywhere near a TV around 8pm, flip on over FoxNews and you’ll see Emily on the Huckabee show! (I know…that’s NATIONAL TELEVISION… totally freaking out here!) If you’re not going to be near a TV, there’s this amazing new technology called “DVR”…maybe you’ve heard of it. Anyway, set that DVR thingy to record the Huckabee show October 15th at 8pm (ET).

Emily gets to perform her song that won Best Middle Song in the Constituting America 9*17 contest on air with Governor Huckabee and the Little Rockers! What an incredible honor to be able to play her song for hundreds of thousands of people!

Remember that scene in Monsters, Inc. when Mike sees himself on TV (sort of)? When she’s all done with taping, I’m guessing her expression is going to be exactly like his. Well, not exactly, because I’m pretty sure she’ll still have two eyes, but still, the similarities will be striking.

I was on TV!

Neither Emily or I have ever been to New York City and while we don’t think we’ll have any time for sightseeing, we’re excited to be able to see any part of the Big Apple that crosses our path, and I’m sure that Em will be blogging all about it as soon as we get home.