Meet my New Song: Steve!


What’s in a name?

So, I was writing a song last week (as usual), and I was really happy with it! …Until I realized it didn’t have a title yet. I reassured myself: “No biggie! I’ll just come up with one like I always do! Not a problem at all.”

writing, writing, writing


Skip ahead one hour later and I’m a frustrated, teenage mess. Usually it takes less than five minutes to come up with a title, but unfortunately this song was not set up for a title at all.

…So I sat back and took a break; texted, facebooked and all that good stuff. I proceeded to tell (text) my friend Billy that I was having trouble thinking of a title for this great new song. Here’s a little re-creation of the conversation for you: (not all exact quotes)

Billy: “So what’s up?”
Me: “I just wrote a new song :)”
Billy: “Oh cools! What’s it called?”
Me: “Not sure yet actually. It’s kinda weird. I usually pick one pretty fast.”
Billy: “Huh. You should name it ‘billy named this song’”
Me: “I think yes! But what did Billy name it is the question here.”
Billy: “He named it steve.”

And so, “Steve” was born! My friends never fail to keep my life interesting. You know, interesting like telling a crowd of people that “this next song is called ‘Steve’.”

I hope you guys enjoy the video, I also have a few other videos up on YouTube if you ever want to check them out! Keep rockin’ and have a great rest of the week.

Thanks Billy for the awesome song name! I don’t know what I would have done without you, bro.
-Emily :)



My guitar is a little bit out of tune
But that’s the way I like it
Cuz nobody’s perfect

I don’t know about you
If you’re the type of mind
That’s a little too precise

I gave up trying to be better than
I am in love with my own life again

I’ve got so many years ahead of me
So why should I worry?
Watch and you’ll see

When I’m down I just sing
I know that everything’s
Gonna be alright

I gave up trying to plan out the life
I’ll live for the day
Breathing in as things will come my way

What would you have told me to name this song?

  • Db

    “Come My Way”

    • emily

      Good one! Next time I can’t think of a title I’ll put it on my website… Haha