Last month I wrote a song.

Weren’t expecting that one, were you?

Anyway, it’s called “Perfect” and it’s got a very important message behind it that I would like you guys to hear.

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: People do not like the way they look. In fact, most people hate their outside appearance. A lot.

It’s human nature to always want something better than we have. But, strangely enough, that aspect of human failing is kind of idolized.

People are CONSTANTLY bombarded with messages like this: “…you’re not pretty unless you look like this” or “…you need to look better than you do right now or people won’t like you.” etc.; it just never stops! Many of us identify with a low sense of self-esteem, so we don’t see a problem with changing ourselves to fit the image that we’re told is ideal. Yeah, you can change yourself however you want to. No one can stop you! But why do magazines, television and movies encourage it?

I can’t answer that, because I honestly don’t know. The only thing that I do know is that I don’t like that. And that’s why I wrote this song. I’m going to show you the lyrics that tell the story of a young girl who set out to be perfect: (I’ll break it down as I go.)

Verse 1:

Could you be Perfect for me?
Would you hide who you’re made to be?
And put it under lock and key,
Just to change what people see?

…This first line is basically someone telling a girl to be perfect. The next three lines symbolize her conscious asking her if she’s really willing to do all those things to get to her ultimate goal of “perfection”.

Side note: each line/verse could have multiple meanings. I’m basically outlining a few of the many.

Verse 2:

Could you be perfect today?
A tiny pinch a little pain
Is it that much a price to pay,
For them to love you when you’re fake?

…This verse is along the same lines as the first one. It symbolizes someone pressuring the girl into doing something painful or mentally damaging in order to become “perfect”. I imagined the person saying: “Come on! Don’t worry about the pain. When they see this, they are gonna LOVE you, sweetie!”

Verse 3:

You say you’re perfect now
Well, honey, perfect’s out of style
The curtains closing take your bow
I hope your trip was worth it’s while

I think this is the most powerful verse. I imagine the “conversation” like this:

Girl: “Look at me! I did everything! I’m finally perfect!”
Person: “Oh, honey, that perfect is out of style! This is the new perfect! Too bad you’re too old now. Your show’s over, sweetie, take a bow. Sorry about that! I hope all the years you wasted on getting perfect were fun! Have a good rest of your life.”

That whole “chase after perfection” thing? It’s a house built on the sand. Oh sure, it’s fun living on the beach for the day! But when the tide rises, you’ll be the first to go. You might wash back up on the shore after a while, but the journey from there will be one of the hardest you’ve ever taken.

I want to build my house on something stronger. Something that lasts forever. Being “perfect” is an outside thing. We’re beautiful because of what’s inside. Not the hearts; but the Person who made it.

Instead of asking a “If there was one thing you could change about yourself” sort of question, I’m going to ask

“What’s one thing about yourself that you love?”

Leave your “I love me” comment below!


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  • Bill J.

    That I still hold high the values I learned as a child – holding doors open for others; saying please and thank you; helping others less fortunate.