To me, it is a sort of covenant. It is a covenant between myself, The Womacks, the muse(s) that inspired it, and the people who encourage and support me. This recording feels so right. Like it’s meant to be. And I think others are feeling that just as much as I am. So, I view it as a very sincere promise to continue. One of the phrases I hear the most after a show is “don’t ever stop.” East of the Sun is my way of saying that I am very serious about, truly devoted to, and completely in love with the creation and exploration of words, music, and artistry.

I also see it as a gift, given to me by five humans, especially. The Womacks and our incredible recording engineer, Dalton Brand, are as integral to the spirit of this record as I am. They have presented themselves truthfully and given themselves wholeheartedly, because they believe in it as much as I do. That is beautiful, and I treasure it deeply. When we were creating it, there was no devotion to particular ideas or concepts, and no plans set in stone. There was a devotion they had to me—and I to them—that kept us open and willing to explore, in order to find what wanted to be found. Day after day, more and more was given to it. We asked, and we received. Then, we created with what we received, and we received even more.

It is a collective of everything I’ve learned over the past four years of writing and performing, and it is the best representation of me that exists. It is a sort of “coming of age” project that has really allowed me to focus in on what I can do, and what I can learn. (A: Anything I want.) It holds my confidence as a writer and vocalist, and my pride in this great community of musicians and music lovers.

The sound of it is an honest one, a timeless one, and a very uniquely beautiful one. There are some projects that lose their mojo after too many listens, and there are some projects that you can look back on and poke fun at. East of the Sun is neither of those, and I can say with absolutely certainty that I will always love it as much as I do now.

Be a part of this journey with us, and get one for yourself!

East of the Sun lyric book


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