Emily Keener is a young girl with an old soul, her moving music seems to come from a place of beauty and pure emotion. Her shows include her original songs and covers on both the guitar and piano, with every song lovingly filtered through a passionate voice.

She plays her dad’s old-six string acoustic guitar with a folksy, nostalgic groove, blue-sy chords and finger-picking riffs. Throw in some piano based songs, and she can fill a room with her unique style.

Emily starting playing the guitar when she was 11 years old and started writing songs when she was almost 12. She now has over 50 original songs and has released two EP’s (short albums) and one full length album, A Book of New Beginnings(Aug 31, 2013).

In September 2011, she won a national songwriting contest for Constituting America 9*17 for her song “We the People”. Her winning work will be featured in a documentary, featuring her music video. She performed her winning on song on the Huckabee show on the Fox News Channel with Governor Huckabee and his band The Little Rockers on October 15, 2011.

When she’s not playing the guitar or piano or writing songs, she is baking, learning, working at her grandpa’s store The Rock Pile to earn money for music equipment, playing softball or spending time with friends.