Wakeman teen follows her passion on ‘The Voice’

“Emily, I think, is the only person in all my years of teaching that wanted to know how to yodel,” Ellison said. “That was a fun day, and I said, ‘Well, I can’t really do it, but he’s the mechanism of what happens,’ and boy she came back the next week and she had mastered it.”
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Keener a young singer with old soul

“I’ve always kind of looked deeper into life, try to find deeper understandings to things, and songwriting has been a very powerful tool to understand myself and the world around me because it’s a very honest medium,”

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Emily Keener returns to the Listening Room for four sold out shows

“We announced the two shows on a Wednesday morning and by 8’o clock that night, we were sold out,” Miller said. “So we added two more shows and they both sold out. I think [she is] the first person in the history of the Listening Room to sell out four shows.”

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Emily Keener in studio at the Register

3/3/2016 Emily Keener stopped in the Sandusky Register for an interview and quick musical set

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Local artist Emily Keener joins Kelly Rose and Shawn Daley live in studio

Local artist Emily Keener joins Kelly Rose and Shawn Daley live in studio to discuss her audition on NBC’s The Voice. Other surprise guests include Acoustic Scotty, Tony Schaeffer, Dalton Brand of WaveBurner Recording, Steve Neff of Wellington Music, and Brandon The Part Time Employee.

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Two Teenage Girls Absolutely DOMINATED ​The Voice​ Blind Auditions Last Night

3/2/2016 Teen Vogue – 16-year-old Emily Keener then stole the stage with a killer performance of “Yellow Brick Road,” even prompting Blake to say: “Your voice is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. It’s just a completely new sound.”

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Four-chair turnaround and flowery responses highlight Emily Keener’s debut on NBC’s ‘The Voice’

3/3/2016 From the article: As Emily finished her amazing performance the audience exploded and roared with appreciation. Those standing in the bar watching with Emily stood stunned as each of the four coaches begged for the opportunity to guide her to victory. Those who have watched Emily grow as an artist since she was 12 years old saw the four coaches gush over Emily’s obvious talents. Each coach spoke of Emily’s unique and powerful voice, saying things like “I’ve never heard a voice like yours”. 

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Local The Voice Contestant Shares Secrets About The Show, Team Pharrell And MORE! CLE 102 WKDOK

3/4/2016 Radio interview; A local Northeast Ohio native has made her way onto the Voice and we had the chance to talk to her this morning!

Emily Keener sang Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” for the judges and within seconds, all FOUR turned around for her. That’s incredible!

Emily also shared some secrets about the show, what it’s like to work for Pharrell and more!

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‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions continue with Emily Keener giving the coaches something to fight for

3/2/2016 From the article: “Pharrell told Emily it was a “breathtaking” performance and she “used the tapestry of her vocal cords.” Pharrell also called it “fresh and effervescent,” while insisting he had no intention to change her. Christina complimented Emily saying she’s “so special” and the performance was “beautifully controlled” and honest. Christina explained her talent derives from pure passion and she could have the voice that speaks to a new generation.” By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski  

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Blind Audition - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Blind Audition - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Studio Version

Battle - Emily Keener vs. Jonathan Bach: "Explosions"

Knockout - Emily Keener: "Big Yellow Taxi"

Knockout - Emily Keener: "Big Yellow Taxi" - Studio Version