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“Strong” by Emily Keener

Yeah, the world keeps on spinning
When your life seems to stop
It’s a hard way of living
And it tends to change your thoughts
On the world as a whole
As you’re swimming to dry land
How can you stay in control
Of something you don’t understand?

The waves look much deeper when you’re underneath them
So try to look up instead.
The sun looks much brighter when viewed from the dark side
When the darkness is in your head.
So look toward the light
And be strong for the fight.

They say the sun will be rising
But when will its light finally shine?
We hope that night is dying
And that day will bring us time.
And Someone up there knows
When we’ll reach the dawn.
As the strength and faith grows
We’ll doubt it ever was gone.


At the dawning of each sunrise
To when day turns into night
Each second is precious in your eyes
And you’re closer to winning the fight.
Each hug says “I love you”
Each kiss strength to try
There are so many things left to do
And each day the blessing of time.



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  • Heather

    How do I download ur song strong for free? I got the flyer from the walk in Cleveland……? Thk u so much….such a powerfully song

  • Heather

    Never mind. Duh….it says it rt there… sorry god bless

  • Jennifer

    I love this song! Its tugs at my heart. You are amazing singer/song writer!